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Dangers in Business

Top five things people are most afraid of business

  1. VAT returns

    VAT is not a difficult thing to afraid. The only thing which need a special care is to keep proper record. You should have a clear idea about the VAT you have charged on your goods & services and the amount you have been charged on the goods and services you have bought in.  Its only the simple calculations and the common sense. You will have to register for VAT only if your turnover is more than 67000 pounds. But don’t say it as an excuse not to develop your business. :-)

  2. Spreadsheet

    Its very important to learn the spread sheet ideas inorder to comply  with the current developments since its a valuable skill.. So learn the spreadsheet with the help of a tutor or website for that. We will get lots of books which explain the theory of the spread sheet. is a very useful site for the study of spreadsheets

  3. Pay roll

    We are responsible for the employee salary, tax and national insurance payments. Once we keep a clear cut system for everything payroll is a simple and loving thing.The thing indeed is the systematic control.

  4. Incorporation

    Incorporating business to a limited company involves a bit more paper work and good knowledge skill.But its not a big deal since we get a help line at Companies House that can talk to you in each and every step.

  5. Failure

    Fear of failure  may be the reason for most of the people not starting a business.People don’t want to make their family into a risk by starting a business.this is because of the rumors regarding the failure of 50% start up business in the middle of the second year.But this count is based on the closure of business bank accounts and not the closure of business.Anyway be affirmative and no matter what happens to your business , you will success in acquiring your skills and knowledge and that will increase your earning power.If you don’t give it to go you wont fail but once you don’t accept the possibility of failure , you will never get success.

Life is beautiful with "tasty" water

Swedish Life

Sweden is the 55th largest country in the world. It is the 5th largest in Europe, and the largest in Northern Europe with a population in 2008 of over 9.2 million people. Sweden has a moderate climate, despite its northern latitude with four distinct seasons and affordable temperature through out the year.

Major part of the country is forest. Wild life in Sweden is very rich. Sweden is the most densely forested country in Europe, with forests covering more than half the country’s surface. Also agriculture is an important part of Sweden. Its because of the availability of the plenty of water resources.

Sweden is a country of rivers and lakes. It contains around  100,000 lakes, some of them very large. Swedish water come from these lakes and springs. If we go there we can see lots of small fountains having lots of water. Water travels through the rocks and comes to the lake. Swedish water is very delicious and pure. Its crystal clear and is 100% pure.

This may the reason behind the big taste of Swedish Beers. Swedish beers will be the most tastiest beers. :-)   Beers are composed mostly of water. Water contains different mineral components; as a result, beers produced in different part of the world differ in taste.

So its very important to make some researches on the water of different countries so that we can avoid beers which are not beneficial and not more ambrosial and can rely 100% on that beers which we buy and make sure that its good in taste.

"Chrismas Special" after the Christmas :-)


Christmas Cake  is an English tradition that started as plum porridge. They used to eat it  on Christmas Eve, to clear their stomachs after a day of fasting. Soon dried fruit, spices and honey were added to the porridge mixture, and eventually it turned into Christmas puddings.

In the 16th century butter, wheat flour and eggs were added to the recipe of the food. These ingredients helped hold the mixture together and that resulted in a boiled plum cake. Families having  ovens began making fruit cakes with marzipan, an almond sugar paste, for Easter. For Christmas, they made a similar cake using seasonal dried fruit and spices. The spices represented the exotic eastern spices. That is the most popular  ” Christmas Cakes” today.

Christmas cake is type of fruit cake served at the time of Christmas. Usually it may be light or black , spongy ,shaped round /square.

Different types of Christmas cakes

Vanilla Sponge

It is always made fresh to ensure a soft, moist and light texture. It is simply like a sandwich with butter cream in the middle and dipped with icing sugar and butter.

Continue reading "Chrismas Special" after the Christmas :-)

Reasons for the failure of "NEW" Business

Sometimes we can hear people say “Nowadays my business is very dull..Not enough profit.So I am going to quite the business”

Why some business getting a sudden death ?? It is a very important point to think.According to my knowledge the following things may affect the start up businesses


  • Lack of enough research.
  • Lack of honesty with themselves..
  • The founders move too quickly
  • Lack of sudden actions when they are very critical
  • Imbalance of supply and demand levels
  • Lack of knowledge about cash flow
  • Spending of too much money
  • The giving up of the situation
  • Lack of sensitivity analysis(SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis)
  • Lack of enough hard work.

The Deee Day – December 13th

Actually the exact meaning of “ de day” is not appropriate in this occasion.  I have just put the name  to get a punch in the heading.

I wanna discuss about St .Lucy day which would be celebrated on December 13th mainly by the Scandinavians.  This is  a traditional form of festival in Scandinavia.   It is also celebrated in Sweden Denmark Latvia Estonia Norway Finland Malta Italy Bosnia Iceland Bavaria and Croatia..

140px-SantaLuccia Saint Lucy

Its the fest of St. Lucy.  In traditional celebrations, Saint Lucy comes as a young woman with lights and sweets.  There will be a ceremony on December 13th and a girl will be selected to portray Lucy.  She will be wearing a white long gown and a red ribbon.  She will be having long hairs and she will be the beautiful girl like our miss world or so.  She will be having a crown of seven candles on her head.  She walks at the head of a procession of women, each holding a candle.  The candles symbolize the fire that refused to take St. Lucia’s life when she was sentenced to be burned.  The girl sings a song and after her the procession sing more songs about Lucy.

images The girl who will be selected to portray St.Lucy

December 13th is a public holiday in this modern era.  Nowadays they have public processions in cities.  On the day of 13th Schools elect a Lucia and her maids among the students and a national Lucia is elected on national television from regional winners. The regional Lucias’ will visit shopping malls, old people’s homes and churches, singing and handing out ginger biscuits. Lucia Buns are very famous which is a kind of pastry.

180px-Saffron_bun_20051213_001 Lucia Buns

On December 13th in London people mainly the Scandinavians and the Swedish gather in St.Paul’s cathedral. The ceremony will start by 5.30pm .The lights will be off and the girl who will be selected to portray Lucy walk in  to the darkness with the candles in head.

It will be a nice experience to the new comers of London!!!!

The Mc D Balloon

It was my long cherished dream to get a balloon from Mc Donald’s.I have seen lots of balloons in front of many Mc Donald’s shops.So I thought its just for a publicity or its their marketing strategy. Actually this is one of the marketing strategies to advertise and encourage people especially children.Small kids are very much fond of this balloons and all…..aren’t they?????Yes…..The people know it very well and they have absolutely exploiting the case.

I used to look at the children who had got the balloons from there.I thought its only for small kids.That time i wish i were a small kid….Only to get the balloons.My friends used to tease me by making fun of me on this same thing.

We used to eat from Mc. D. We means me and my friends.So as usual last Monday we went to have a small break in Mc D.We have ordered the delicious big meal and the tastiest  chicken and bacon supreme(in the festive menu).That was very nice :-)…..While finishing the dishes  my eyes struck into the balloons that they have kept in the reception.I just told to my friend can we also get the same???

He asked me to ask to the till person and get the balloon.He challenged me like that.

At first I was very shy to ask.Then I thought y shouldn’t I?

If I get it I will gain a  Balloon and I loose a thank you.Other wise I loose 1 sorry. Both are very common and easily getting things in London compared to the Balloon.(plenty of sorry and thank you)

Anyway I went and asked him for the balloon.Suddenly he picked one yellow balloon and gave to me.

I was so happy .On seeing this the person next to me (he is a very old person I hope some 45 or so).He also asked for the balloon and got it.

See how people getting advantage of me. :-) :-)

So what you expect now……any moral……

DSC_0201 DSC_0199 DSC_0198

Nope……No Moral…..Its just a balloon…..he he he :-) :-) :-) 😉 😉

Businesses which can start with less than 1000 pounds.


We used to say many reasons for not starting a business.

The main reason is” I don’t have money”

But think…….

We can start a business even with less than 1000 pounds right.

Here I am sharing a small bunch of businesses which need only a small amount to start

  • House cleaning
  • Driving a taxi (first take a van as rent then you can buy own van)
  • Setting up a good consultancy in your current existing profession
  • A marketing stall
  • Trading on E-Bay
  • Sandwich/Pizza selling
  • Decorating
  • Party Player
  • Painting
  • Therapy practitioner

Once you come up with any such businesses please do share.It will be an interesting information to people who  thinks that business needs a “six or seven figure” amount to start!!!