Monthly Archives: June 2010

My important TODOs which lays in the daily free time :-)

My everyday starts with a minimum TODO list which contains

  1. Watch BBC News in which helps me to update the day to day world with the innovative and useful information.
  2. Stumble websites minimum of 20 minutes. I can come up with new ideas which will help my day to day life in terms of health, knowledge, ideas and entertainment. I have given the priority to business , health, fitness, cooking(rarely do the same), magic, games, so and so
  3. Watch some presentations at . Truly speaking this is one of the main things which I like most among all these.  I Love Verities of thoughts, ideas, works and inspiring talks are available here. Sometimes I stick with some inspiring presentations. But sometimes I will be behind of business and the innovative ideas. Even though the presentations have a less time span I used to spend more than 45 mins in this only.
  4. Write a blog post regarding an interesting topic which I came across or convey ideas from others which happened to be in my inbox :-). It doesn’t mean that I would publish a blog/day.  Sometimes it is just a topic, some fragments of the article ….
  5. Add to, delete from, or just generally sort my ongoing to-do list in the stickies
  6. Play some strategic games like farm Ville in facebook.
  7. Check the Google analytics of my website and (the business website) .I used to spend time for this. This will help me to find out the level of these websites in the Google rating and easy to find out the most visited keyword. This is one of the methods to improve the business by finding out the area of concentrations.
  8. And music… Music is always there in the background. I am a person who is font of sounds.