3 thoughts on “A good Corporate Lesson

  1. Hello

    Miss.Merlin James, I could not control my overwhelming emotions while reading your blog .I would like to tell you this: http://www.drizzlings.com has become one of those very few little things I would like to look at everyday. It is way beyond marvelous and sweet. Especially the content .It is no more just a blog ,it has gone to an absolute perfection by all means. It has got everything starts from corporate ethics to marketing strategies and your personal motivational factors to moral stories where anybody who is left out in the dungeon heap of desperation and sorrow can actually come out of that by reading drizzlings.
    I wish all the very best for your new beginning as a writer.Before winding up , I want to say one thing: Thousands can begin on a high note,very few sustains that!
    I hope the almighty God or somebody, who controls everything in this world of chaos ,hunger,racism and last but not the least the monopoly of money over justice ,will give enough courage and motivation to keep up with what you have unleashed.
    Hearing from you at least once in a week will make my life more beautiful.
    Once again wishing you a wonderful New Year and great success

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