"Chrismas Special" after the Christmas :-)


Christmas Cake  is an English tradition that started as plum porridge. They used to eat it  on Christmas Eve, to clear their stomachs after a day of fasting. Soon dried fruit, spices and honey were added to the porridge mixture, and eventually it turned into Christmas puddings.

In the 16th century butter, wheat flour and eggs were added to the recipe of the food. These ingredients helped hold the mixture together and that resulted in a boiled plum cake. Families having  ovens began making fruit cakes with marzipan, an almond sugar paste, for Easter. For Christmas, they made a similar cake using seasonal dried fruit and spices. The spices represented the exotic eastern spices. That is the most popular  ” Christmas Cakes” today.

Christmas cake is type of fruit cake served at the time of Christmas. Usually it may be light or black , spongy ,shaped round /square.

Different types of Christmas cakes

Vanilla Sponge

It is always made fresh to ensure a soft, moist and light texture. It is simply like a sandwich with butter cream in the middle and dipped with icing sugar and butter.

Chocolate Sponge Cake

This type of cakes are the core of chocolate. It is always moist and rich in flavour. All of our chocolate cakes are topped with chocolate sugar paste icing and split with layers of pure butter cream whipped with chocolate and cocoa.

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake has been a favourite for over a decade. It is made from pure ingredients and fresh carrots to create a moist and delicious treat.

Fruit Cake

Fruitcake has been made from the same recipe for five generations. Natural ingredients including real butter, dark sugar, flaked almonds, rum and quality sun dried fruits are used to make this type of cakes. To ensure the moisture and the softness bake it in light steam and spread some sugar icing.

Cake storage

  • Keep in a cool and dark flat surface
  • Don’t keep in a refrigerator unless its a cream cake
  • sponge chocolate and carrot cakes can keep for one week after the delivery
  • Fruit cake can store for maximum of one year only if it is perfectly wrapped in foil paper

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