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Better Keep the Word or Never Do So…..

We can see a lot of people who give out plenty of offerings and promises with good things. But 90% of these promises will not happen anymore.  People in the other end of-course will be fascinated with the unforgettable offerings. This may shake their normal life too. Sometimes the whole future might be depending on these offers. These promises are like the advertisement of Hell ( Just Kidding :-))

We can see these types of promises among business people, higher authority of organizations and crooked people like that. But sure this is not the boundary of these promises. We can see it anywhere anytime. :-).

So what is the reason?? Yes, This is for some personal needs or profitable decisions. Anyway in one or other way profit is the only intension of these offers.

At last what will happen?? Here come the three different eccentric characters.

Some people consider the promises as if they were the curry leaves in curries. They will never turn to the offers and just give up after the specific need that they previously plotted, had happened. They are the very cruel faces who will not give any consideration to human feelings.

Another type will try to keep the promise, but in some point they may not be able to fulfill that. So what they will do is they will give some other offers instead of the one they have given previously. But still there is not a 100% mind to do so. They are a group who bothered about people who feels anything wrong. Gradually they will transfer to a group of people who belongs to the third category.

The third category people are the one who will never face the person to whom they have given the promise. They are cowards without a back bone. They want to get everything but do not want to lose anything. They will utilize others for their own personal benefits and will not give face to them after the fulfillment of their needs. The second category people which I have explained above gradually transforms to this category in the future.

Apparently most of the offerings will not happen in the right time, right place and in the right mode. These are my view points and there may be another face for this discussion like the two sides of a coin. So anyone can discuss their views, thoughts, experience or truths through comments.