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Businesses which can start with less than 1000 pounds.


We used to say many reasons for not starting a business.

The main reason is” I don’t have money”

But think…….

We can start a business even with less than 1000 pounds right.

Here I am sharing a small bunch of businesses which need only a small amount to start

  • House cleaning
  • Driving a taxi (first take a van as rent then you can buy own van)
  • Setting up a good consultancy in your current existing profession
  • A marketing stall
  • Trading on E-Bay
  • Sandwich/Pizza selling
  • Decorating
  • Party Player
  • Painting
  • Therapy practitioner

Once you come up with any such businesses please do share.It will be an interesting information to people who¬† thinks that business needs a “six or seven figure” amount to start!!!