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The Mc D Balloon

It was my long cherished dream to get a balloon from Mc Donald’s.I have seen lots of balloons in front of many Mc Donald’s shops.So I thought its just for a publicity or its their marketing strategy. Actually this is one of the marketing strategies to advertise and encourage people especially children.Small kids are very much fond of this balloons and all…..aren’t they?????Yes…..The people know it very well and they have absolutely exploiting the case.

I used to look at the children who had got the balloons from there.I thought its only for small kids.That time i wish i were a small kid….Only to get the balloons.My friends used to tease me by making fun of me on this same thing.

We used to eat from Mc. D. We means me and my friends.So as usual last Monday we went to have a small break in Mc D.We have ordered the delicious big meal and the tastiest  chicken and bacon supreme(in the festive menu).That was very nice :-)…..While finishing the dishes  my eyes struck into the balloons that they have kept in the reception.I just told to my friend can we also get the same???

He asked me to ask to the till person and get the balloon.He challenged me like that.

At first I was very shy to ask.Then I thought y shouldn’t I?

If I get it I will gain a  Balloon and I loose a thank you.Other wise I loose 1 sorry. Both are very common and easily getting things in London compared to the Balloon.(plenty of sorry and thank you)

Anyway I went and asked him for the balloon.Suddenly he picked one yellow balloon and gave to me.

I was so happy .On seeing this the person next to me (he is a very old person I hope some 45 or so).He also asked for the balloon and got it.

See how people getting advantage of me. :-) :-)

So what you expect now……any moral……

DSC_0201 DSC_0199 DSC_0198

Nope……No Moral…..Its just a balloon…..he he he :-) :-) :-) 😉 😉