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IndianSpices4u.com – A dream business project

Today is a golden day in my life. The hard work of last 4 months come true and now we are on the fire of excitement.

We a group of 4 MBA students from London School Of  Management and Science launched a site to rectify the main problem of  Indians to collect Indian food items from distant places.

Normally in foreign countries Indians depend on distant shops for  Indian groceries which has Indian taste.They need to travel a lot for collecting the items as the shops are not frequent in all the areas.

In UK Indian food items are concentrated mainly  in East Ham, Croydon and Wembley. So people from the outer area  of London need to travel a lot to collect the Indian items from these places.  Its actually a big time constraint job and the travel expense is also very high.

Our site www.indianspices4u.com is a site for all the Indian food items which will be available in a single store .Here we have enclosed all Indian food items from the famous Brands like Double Horse, Melam, Pavizham, Periyar, Grandmas, Nirapara, Kerala Taste, and Eastern. We have introduced some new brands which are not available in UK at all which are ANNS, Brahmins, and PrimeRose. We have enclosed the main items of curry powders, rice, rice powders, masalas, dried items , ready to eat items, pickle and instant items.

We are JoePaul, John, Justin and Myself are colleges in MBA . We got this chance to work in this live business project through our director Mr.Augustin Chandy. The site was developed by an experienced Web Developer Mr.Albert Quintema who is a specialist in SEO works. It was really an unexplainable moments to work in this project. We had to meet the main food dealers give the orders, manage the importing of the food, and frankly speaking  the from the scratch operations have been done by us only.

We will be giving free delivery for all the orders more than 20 pounds of purchase. The delivery time will be messaged to the customers followed by a select service  ( IVR- Interactive Voice Response, an advanced technique which most of the shopping cart site  do not having this facility)that they will be  free to choose the delivery date once they are not available in the scheduled date.

The site contains a shopping cart facility through which the online business can be done. It is  very much user friendly and the customers will be free to use the site without any problems.They can pay the money through a bank pay or a credit card pay. Also there is an option to save the shopping cart once they are not willing to shop the items now but if they want it in some other time. There is another option to send e-mails to the site management team regarding any queries or for any clarification of the processes.

So all of you just go through www.indianspices4u.com the site, and promote us for the further development in a broad manner!!!


London is full of English food. People like raw vegetables without any spices. They are font of  chocolates but not spices. Since we are interested in spicy food we used to cook what we want. Sometime we fed up with that food too. So we will go out and have food from Chennai Dosa or from some other restaurants. One day accidentally I was happened  to be in  Thattukada with one of my friends from college. I liked the food very much. Its the real taste of what we get from our hometown or from our home. We get vegetarian and non vegetarian food. I came back and told this to other friends. After some more days we have planned to go to Thattukada  for a lunch. We enjoyed the food very much and ate till our throat. We couldn’t get up from the seats as our stomach was full. Thus we became the fans of Thattukada. It became a routine to go there once in a week. It was such a friendly atmosphere to have very tasty food.

They have eat in and take away facilities. Also they deal with out door catering also.


Address of Thattukada

241B High Street North
Manor Park, E12 6SJ
London, UK.

Tel: 020 8548 8239


People who are able to catch a Jubilee line / District line / Hammer smith and city line , will definitely find Thattukada very easily.

1.Jubilee line: Catch Jubilee towards Stratford. Get down in West Ham and catch District line from West Ham. Get down in East Ham Station

2.Hammersmith and City line: Take the line towards Barking and get down in the last stop(Barking).Then catch District line from there. Get down in East Ham Station

3.Disrict Line: Catch the same towards Upminster. Get down in East Ham Station

After getting down in East Ham Station walk towards the front side. When you are out of the station walk towards the right side of the station. After 50 m from the station you can see the Thasttukada board in the left side of the road. So you need to cross the road and there you  are in your destination.


From Canning Town catch bus 5/ 115 towards East Ham. Get down in East Ham Station stop. Then walk towards the front nearly a 50m. There you can find Thattukada.

I hope all the London Malayalees will try Thattukada atleast once just to know the taste of it :-)