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Life is beautiful with "tasty" water

Swedish Life

Sweden is the 55th largest country in the world. It is the 5th largest in Europe, and the largest in Northern Europe with a population in 2008 of over 9.2 million people. Sweden has a moderate climate, despite its northern latitude with four distinct seasons and affordable temperature through out the year.

Major part of the country is forest. Wild life in Sweden is very rich. Sweden is the most densely forested country in Europe, with forests covering more than half the country’s surface. Also agriculture is an important part of Sweden. Its because of the availability of the plenty of water resources.

Sweden is a country of rivers and lakes. It contains around  100,000 lakes, some of them very large. Swedish water come from these lakes and springs. If we go there we can see lots of small fountains having lots of water. Water travels through the rocks and comes to the lake. Swedish water is very delicious and pure. Its crystal clear and is 100% pure.

This may the reason behind the big taste of Swedish Beers. Swedish beers will be the most tastiest beers. :-)   Beers are composed mostly of water. Water contains different mineral components; as a result, beers produced in different part of the world differ in taste.

So its very important to make some researches on the water of different countries so that we can avoid beers which are not beneficial and not more ambrosial and can rely 100% on that beers which we buy and make sure that its good in taste.