The very interesting "DEAD LOCK"

Have you ever heard about DEADLOCKS???

Just go through this….It is a very interesting Deadlock

Boss to secretary – ‘For a week v will go abroad for a meeting , make arrangements’

Secretary calls husband – ‘For a week, my boss and I are going abroad , you look after yourself’

Husband calls secret lover -‘ My wife is going abroad , so lets spend the week together’

Secret lover calls small boy whom she takes tuition – ‘I have work a week , so you need not come to class’

Small boy calls grandpa -‘ No class for a week because teacher is busy , lets spend the week together’


Grandpa (d Boss) calls secretary – ‘Meeting canceled, I spend the weekend with my grandson’

Secretary calls husband – ‘Trip canceled , I am coming home’

Husband calls secret lover – ‘We can’t spend the week together because my wife canceled her trip’

Secret lover calls little boy – ‘This week you will have class as usual’

Boy calls grandpa (Boss) – ‘Sorry grandpa ‘

Courtesy: My Friend who sent this to me

How was it????

So Everyone Beware of  “DEADLOCKS” :-) :-)

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